Our Patron Saint - Saint Joseph
Our Patron Saint – Saint Joseph
St. Joseph’s English Medium School, Rampur, Baikunthpur was established in June 2001 and is conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyons Congregation. The school was under the Chhattisgarh state board till April 2010 and it is affiliated to CBSE New Delhi from May 2010.

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Mission Statement

“To Knit Humanity in Love”

The goal of Education is to teach the students to live, to discover the deeper meaning of life and of transcendence, to learn, to interact with others, love creation, think freely and critically, find fulfillment in work, plan their future and to learn to be. It is, in and through education that one can hope for a more human and humane future and a more harmonious society. (All India Catholic Education Policy 2007)

Therefore, we are committed

  • To impart integral formation of the human persons, to build a society based on justice, peace and integrity of creation. Integral formation that includes the dimensions of faith and value formation
  • To the task of enabling human persons of good character, competence, conscience, compassion and social commitment, who will then contribute to the evolution of a counter culture to the present ruthlessly competitive model by promoting collaboration and cooperation for the growth of all, in a climate of mutual trust and sharing.
  • To empower the youth to contribute to nation building beyond the boundaries of castes, creed, class, gender and other cultural bondages/ prejudices.
  • To be enriched by the Gospel values (Mt. 5) towards the educational empowerment of the poor, the disadvantaged and the marginalized who have been vulnerable to the historical and social conditions of dominations and discriminations.
  • To impart quality education in terms of enhancing efficiency, skill development and just relationship.

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