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My first world is humanity, My second world is humanism and I live in y third world being merely a human. Evening of colors joy and splendours. Its a happy day full of joy & exhilaration as the St. Joseph Family celebrates its prestigious annul function.


We immensely feel honoured to have special invitees and dignitaries with us to celebrate the wonderful evening. We are proud of the successful achievements and the steps that have been taken for the development of our society. These achievements will surely lead towards the progress.


The strength of the group is the strength of the leader. Students are the pillars of our society and of this institution. Success is the team spot. It requires dedication, inspiration and passion and one can never get that without cultivating the culture of trust, mutual respect and empowerment. All the more reason to go an extra mile to appreciate your thoughts, words & deeds.


Education is a shared commitment between educated teachers, motivated students , and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.

Only God creates – but we are called to enhance that creation.

Only God gives life – but we are called to cherish life.

Only God makes things grow – we are called to nourish that growth.

Only God can do the impossible – but it’s up to us to do what is possible.












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    Very good school

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